10 ways to have more dollars in your pocket using your mind in 2019

10 ways to have more dollars

Many of you must have made a resolution this year to save more money. But after few months most of us are not able to keep up our promise. Why? Because either our mind becomes lazy to save or some incident happens that demands money to spend. Mind and money? Do they go together? Yes often it’s the mind that helps you save or spend money. It’s your mind that you need to understand first and read it as how often it tempts you to spend. You need to take control of your mind and stop it from demanding more money out of your wallet.

Divert your mind to think to those scenarios where money is important for you and to coax your mind to keep it all saved and safe. Here are the 10 ways to have more dollars in your pocket using your mind in 2019

#1. Make your mind visualize what you will be when you will be old and without work

As a young man or woman you forget that you will never remain young forever and one day you have to grow old, when your hands will tremble, you will have one or more health issues and can’t do work any more. This visualization by the mind of the future scenario will help you keep more dollars in your pocket and you will start saving at once. But remember don’t let your mind forget this soon. Remind it often of how you will look like after few years in old age.

#2. Push your mind not to use credit card

You are a proud owner of credit card and boost among friends how many dollars bank has provided you in the credit card. But that is like a loan which when you spend with credit card you need to pay back with interest. So push your mind not to use credit card for every little purchase. For this draw something motivational and hang it on your wall so that your mind reads it all day not to spend with your credit card but put back in your drawer to least use it.

#3. Take chewing gum and headphone when you go for shopping

Remember we have to put money in our pocket to save and train our mind to do so. A simple trick when going out for shopping is take chewing gum and a headphone. These are most liked by your mind and brain and when having this stores that manipulate you to buy because there is a deal and discount or buy one get one free will fail to lure your mind. Chewing mint gum could counteract the ambient scents in stores and make you feel fuller so you don’t buy food impulsively, and wearing headphones could block out the music designed to make you stay in the store longer.

#4. Let your mind calculate the odds- Salary earned per day Vs Salary spend per day

Healthy minds do lots of calculation. When you are tempted to buy something let your mind do some calculation.  Do the maths about how much that item really costs in terms of hours you’d need to work to pay for it. If you want $90 for a pair of jeans then it means it is  more than 12 hours of work at the $7.25 minimum wage. Ohh..mind at once wants to put more money back in the pocket.

#5. Give your mind a motivational tip

Yes minds also want tips..not to spend but to save. Describe the way you want to treat your money and over time it could become second nature. I always relax my mind I will only buy clothes once a year that too when they are on sale in off season. Trick your brain this way to save money.

#6. Getting a bonus ask your mind to invest it

In a research it suggests that starting a program where you’re steadily increasing the amount you save could be more effective than making an effort to save a lot more now. Like  making a plan to save most of your next bonus rather than trying to cut back now.  Again your mind should then stick to that plan.

#7. Ask your mind to try to take out less denominations out of your pocket

Taking out $2 or $5 smaller denominations breaks the larger bill from your pocket. I remember one of my friends after coming home at night from his store would put all the pennies and cents into a bi jar. At the end of the month he had lots of hundred dollars saving without any pain.

#8. Mind should work offline to save

There are so many online stores where people transact daily to buy so many of goods. Its because mind works online. Take the mind offline to save more. Simple way is not to  store your credit card information with online stores or autofill data, train your mind to always ask before buying anything if you’d rather have the cash if a stranger offered it to you, stick to the 30-day rule to make sure you really want something, or use a prepaid debit card to force yourself to ponder your limited resources.

#9. Make your mind happy by playing saving games

Games helps your mind relax and there are so many free games to download on your cell phone or PC or tablet and start playing. Money saving games like SaveUp and SmartyPig turn saving money a kind of challenge where you can watch the your money grow and reap other rewards. You can start a competition among family or friends to put more money in your pocket by playing many challenging money saving games.

#10. Shun your mind from people or places that coax it to spend more

Make a list of places, things, or people that cause you to make poor spending choices. Identify the triggers that ask you for an outing, shopping or few drinks at the pub and encashing your savings. If you can identify these people who make your mind weak and spendthrift then shun them from your life. Avoid their calls, ask them to come over to your house for a simple cup of coffee or just kick them out of your mind.

Till  now your mind must be thinking to walk forward and put some dollars in your pocket to save. Le the mind take action today for tomorrow’s improvement and goal to save money this year.

Let’s get started...

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