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Divya Singh, IB Arena, is a serial entrepreneur and a freelance marketing writer from India specializing in finance, marketing, leadership, motivation, self-help, and citizen petition process.

Divya was previously associated with a Fortune 100 company and with experiences he now runs his own business which includes affiliate marketing, product promotion, internet marketing, link building and financial consultation. He is also regularly contributing to different trade publication on similar subjects.

Divya holds a degree in engineering and pursing business administration studies. He enjoy reading books, photographing, traveling, socializing but above all his pursuit to become a very successful entrepreneur.

Latest Articles & Reports by IB Arena

Dow Theory – What is the Dow Theory?

The objective of Dow Theory was the identification of the primary trend and make use of the big moves to increase the returns

What is Elliot Wave Theory?

Elliot wave analysis thus is the process where psychological perspectives of investors are decoded into patterns.

What is Autochartist?

Chart patterns have been researched on and analyzed in many books. They give traders information on the market

Currency Correlation

Currency correlation is shown by use of a correlation coefficient. The coefficient ranges from…

What Specialized Oscillators Are and How to Utilize Them

For the individuals who think about the bourse and how it functions then this won’t come as news to you

Australia Leading and Coincident Economic Index

This financial outlook comes in the wake of chastened economic levels in the past 6 months of or so although the overall CEI

Germany ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment Falls to 8.60

Germany’s ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for August fell significantly, losing 18.5 points, to rest at 8.6 points.

Canada Unemployment Rate Falls to 7%

Canada unemployment rate shed off 0.1 percentage points to settle at 7 percent in July

Germany Inflation Rate Slows to 0.8%

Germany Inflation Rate: The 0.8 percent inflation rate posted in July is the lowest since February, 2010.

US GDP Growth Rate Hits 4%

The recent figures released by the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis indicate that the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 4 percent

Japan Inflation Rate Falls for a Second Month in a Row

The Japan inflation rate continued to fall for a second month consecutively, recording a 0.1 percent

Bank of England’s MPC Votes to Keep The Bank Rate at 0.5%

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted unanimously to let the Bank Rate remain at 0.5 percent.

Germany ZEW Economic Sentiment Index Falls for A Seventh Consecutive Time

The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany’s record low was seen in July of 2008

QE is European Central Bank Mandate, Mario Draghi

The ECB expects the high-export demands to play a significant role as well in the area’s GDP growth..

FOMC Minutes – Economic Projections

the Fed also released its economic projections. The projections includes the now much popular “dot plot”.

UK Interest Rates to Stay at 0.5%, Bank of England

The rate of unemployment is also on the downhill trend falling to 6.6 percent during the first three months of 2014.

Japan Inflation Rate Hits a Record 3.7% High in 32 Years

Japan inflation rate surged to 3.7 percent, a record high in 32 years.

US GDP Contracts 2.9% In The First Quarter Of 2014, BEA

The U.S economy in the first quarter saw its sharpest pull back since the recession ended nearly five years ago.

Germany Economic Expectations Falls Yet Again

ECB’s announcement of new financial measures and policies positively impacted on the ZEW Economic Expectations.

UK Inflation Falls to 1.5% In May 2014

The Office for National Statistics has indicated that the UK inflation rate for May 2014 went down by 0.3 percent

Australia Unemployment Rate Remains Stable at 5.8%

The percentages given in the report shows that unemployment remained unchanged at 5.8 percent while the participation rate went down

UK Unemployment Rate Falls to 6.6%

The Office of National Statics has indicated that the UK unemployment rate has gone down to settle at 6.6%

Germany’s May 2014 Consumer Prices Expected to Shoot Up by 0.9%, Destatis

The Federal Statistical Office, better known as Destatis, has indicated in its initial report that the consumer prices in Germany are set to go up

Euro Area Unemployment Rates Downs by 0.1%, To Settle at 11.7%

The euro area seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has fallen to 11.7 percent for the month of April, down from 11.8

South Africa’s First Quarter GDP Down by 0.6 Percent

The fall has since been attributed to a number of factors, top in the list being the decrease in economic activities.

UK Inflation Rate Rises to 1.8%.

The United Kingdom inflation rate, in April of 2014, measured by the consumer prices indices commonly

Australian Cash Rate Unchanged – RBA Bets on Real Estate Market Expansion

The Reserve Bank of Australia, through its board, unanimously agreed to leave the interest rate

CEE’s Economic Expectations On a Low, ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator

The ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator for the CEE region is now at 26.0 points.

ONS Sets Record as the First Public Sector Organization to Receive Gold Disability Standard

The Gold Status won by Office for National Statistics gave the organization a place in the Business

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