Macquarie Prime

Company Name: Macquarie Group Limited
Address and Contact Details: Macquarie Prime, PO BOX 3466, Sydney NSW 2001

Freecall: 1800 187 434
Fax: 1800 428 152

Sign Up Offer: None
Demo Account: None
Minimum Deposit: $5,000

Regulator: Australian prudential regulator (APRA), ASIC

World’s Best Investment Bank – Australia Global Finance
Finalist – Best Warrants Broker The Stockies, The Bull

Company Background

Macquarie started its operation in 1969 as a subsidiary merchant bank of Hill Samuel & Co. Limited, London. At that time, it was known as Hill Samuel Australia (HSA). In January 1970, when it started its operations in Sydney, it had just three staff. Today, Macquarie has more than 70 offices across the globe. Macquarie Bank was named after the Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie.

On 28 February 1985, HSA was reorganized as Macquarie Bank Limited (MBL) and it started as the second private trading bank in Australia. Macquarie took over HSA and commenced its operations by starting a retail branch in Sydney. A few months later, it opened another branches in Melbourne and in Brisbane, respectively.

On 29 July 1996, Macquarie listed its shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). On 25 October 2007, Macquarie Group was again restructured into a non-operating holding company (NOHC), the Macquarie Group Limited. The company now had separate wings for banking and non-banking activities. The Macquarie Group Limited is also listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Brokering Features and Fees

– min stock commission: 0.06%
– max stock commission: 0.12%
– margin asx cfd minimum from: $41.25 per month
– monthly fee: None
– minimum funds to open account: None


Macquarie Group Limited boasts of a fully integrated online platform known as Macquarie Prime. This platform caters to the needs of both active traders as well as long-term investors. The platform features the facilities of online trading, risk management, lending as well as cash management.

Advanced charting
Macquarie Prime brings forth expert technical analysis tools helping the traders to track the market movements in the real-tine environment and carry out trading with confidence.

Macquarie Prime’s charting tools offers the following features:

  • 70 totally customizable technical indicators
  • Personalized looks or view (background, density, colors, text sizes)
  • Powerful drawing capabilities (including drawing assistance)
  • Multiple indicators – Gann lines, Raff channels and Standard Deviation channels
  • Template management
  • Contextual help on all icons, menus and full description of each indicator
  • Real Time charts that are delivered on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis

Money Management Tools

The money management module allows you to create your trading strategies. You can pre-define your money management parameters. The main features are:

  • Measurement of the profit and loss of your system
  • Creating your own indicators
  • Pre-define stop loss orders (including trailing, profit and inactivity stops)
  • Pre-define your capital outlay

Markets Available

Macquarie Prime serves as an integrated online trading platform allows a trader to access more than 2,000 ASX-listed securities
Transfer of funds

From an external bank account: Traders can make an electronic funds transfer to the Macquarie Prime Cash Account.

BPAY: Traders can also use BPAY to fund their accounts.

RTGS Transfer: A RTGS transfer can also be arranged for transferring funds to Macquarie account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Minimum Initial Deposit Amount required to open an account is $5,000.
Ways of transfer funds into account: Transfer funds from an external bank account, BPAY, RTGS Transfer.

Let’s get started...

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